FAQ for transfers

1. How do I make a transfer booking on

1. Please fill in the pick-up location in the “transfer from” field list and the resort of your accommodation in the “transfer to” filed (i.e. “Athens Airport (Ath)” to “Kalamata” or the opposite if you need a resort to Airport, port or other destination i.e. “Kalamata Town” to “Kalamata Airport (Klx)”).
2. Select the kind of transfer you would like to book, you can either book a return service or a one way service.
3. Select the date(s) of your pick-up and the time(s) of your transfer
4. Fill in the number of passengers for the transfer (it is important that you include infants and children)
5. When you click the “transfer me” button you will get all available transfer services for this route. These might be Private transfer or Private Mini Van Transfer, Mini Bus, Bus etc. At the same time you will see the prices and the necessary quantities of transfer vehicles according to the number of passengers.
6. When you click the “Book” button you will see the transfer you have selected as well as a form of details. Please fill in any flight arrival and departure times in case your pick-up or drop off is at an airport (with flight times we are able to monitor any delays and on departure we would require the time the flight takes off so the supplier can arrange your drop off to the airport at least 2 hours prior to your flight departure).
Please fill in the filed regarding the name of your accommodation and the full address, since there might be more than one under the same name.
Fill in the personal details of the Leading Passenger (we just need one name even if there are more travelling)
Please fill in the correct flight numbers (in a return transfer service enter the arrival flight –flight to your holiday- as well as the departure flight number -the flight to return home from holiday). Please make sure you have included the right prefixes i.e. BA for British Airways in the flight numbers.  
Please fill in your Email Address as you will receive your voucher with information on how to meet your driver by e-mail.  
We also need your Mobile Number in case we need to reach you after your journey has started. Except from and the supplier who will make your transfer it will not be given to any other person or organization.
8. After filling in the necessary details, click the “Add to cart” button and you will be taken to the cart page. Clicking on the “Proceed to Payment” button you will be transferred to the payment page to complete the booking.  
9. You will receive an email confirmation after your booking with details and instructions.
10. You can login and amend or cancel your booking online via the “My Booking” button (it features a key) on the top of our website.

2. How do I pay for my transfer?

Payment is made in full as soon as you complete the booking process. We accept PayPal, VISA Debit/Credit, MasterCard American Express and Maestro. There may be extra charges which are noted during the booking process.

3. I want to book 3 people when we arrive and 5 people to come back, how can I do this?

Please make 2 different one way bookings to cover the different number of passengers.

4. Is it safe to use my credit/debit card on Wheelso?

Wheelso uses Braintree which is a validated Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Service Provider. We're on Visa's Global Compliant Provider List and MasterCard's SDP List. 
Braintree doesn't store raw magnetic stripe, card validation code (CAV2, CID, CVC2, CVV2), or PIN block data. Storage of this data is prohibited by the PCI DSS.
Cardholder data is managed in the Braintree Vault using established data security and encryption methods. For example, we use multiple encryption keys with split knowledge and dual control. A data thief would not be able to make use of information stolen from a database without also having the key. The data store where cardholder data is kept cannot be connected to via the internet.
Braintree requires users to authenticate each time they use the application. Passwords are never stored directly in the database, and in addition, all API and control panel communication between merchants and Braintree is conducted using TLS (Transport Layer Security).
Braintree develops code with the security of Braintree’s systems and your data in mind -- reviewing and monitoring employee, customer, and vendor activity along with system access to guard against suspicious or unauthorized activities.
At least quarterly, Braintree conducts automated vulnerability scans. In addition, at least once a year Braintree has extended penetration testing conducted by outside sources.
Braintree’s network is secured with minimal and audited access to and from outside networks, and we take additional steps to protect our internal networks.

5. I need a different pick up from on the way back

Please make 2 different one way bookings to cover the full route of your transfer.

6. Can I book a transfer with more than one stop?

Please contact us ( after you have made your booking to check if the supplier will charge you extra for another stop. However this may be only possible if it is in the same resort. If stops are at different resort, then you will need to make two bookings.

7. I want to book a transfer but we all arrive on different flights 

Fill in the flight details of the person who arrives last in the field of the Leading Passenger, so that everybody else has already arrived and there won’t be any delay.

8. I want to book a one way transfer to the airport but I’m not taking a flight  

Please fill in a one way to the airport of your choice. Please remember that when you fill in the time of your departure the supplier will bring you at the airport around 2 hours prior to that time so in the special request field please note that you are not taking a flight.

9. I did not get my transfer voucher, how can I obtain it?

If you have your booking reference please click on the “My Booking” button (it features a key) on the top of Wheelso website, enter your email and booking reference and select the option to print the voucher. If you don’t have your reference please e-mail us on If your booking was made through a travel agent, please contact them.  

10. What do I need to know about booking infants or children?

All children and infants count despite of their age and thus must be included in the total number of passengers at the time of booking (for example: 2 adults, one child and a baby, you will need to book a vehicle that seats a minimum of 4 people).

11. Can I book a child seat on to my booking?

Most of the suppliers can provide them in most of the destinations and they will meet the local safety standards but they will vary in quality and availability. There might be an extra cost for children/ infants’ seats. In the special request field please note that you need an infant or child seat (1-13kg for a baby seat, 13 – 18kg for a child seat, 18-36kg for a booster) and we’ll confirm, if this is possible. Otherwise we strongly recommend bringing your own seat.

12. I will bring my sports equipment (bike, surfboard etc) to my transfer

Sports equipment is considered as excess luggage and could be charged extra. Please contact us ( to check with the supplier for possible upgrade of the service.

13. I am travelling with a wheelchair

Extra charges for manual fold-down wheelchairs may be involved, but it is essential that you contact us before you proceed to your booking ( to check which service can be booked and any additional costs.

14. How much luggage can I bring me?

Standard luggage allowance is one piece of hand luggage and one small suitcase/hold only per person (max 70cm x 40cm x 20cm). On a private transfer, if you have to bring pushchairs or fold-down wheelchairs, please book a vehicle big enough as to ensure there is enough space for you and your belongings to travel in comfort and as safety dictates. On a private transfer, in case of excess luggage (large suitcases or other excess luggage, including pushchairs and/or wheelchairs) that cannot fit in the vehicle because of your failure to inform us, might result in payment for a second vehicle.

15. How long will the transfer take?

The time and km posted on the website are estimations and may alter depending on the traffic, road conditions and local festivities.

16. My flight is delayed or cancelled

All flights for those booked on a private service are monitored; however Wheelso accepts no liability for additional costs resulting from late flight arrivals. If your departure flight has changed during your holiday please contact us to inform us of the change and reconfirm the pick-up time. Wheelso regrets that we cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred due to a flight delay or missed travel connections resulting from poor weather conditions, state of roads or any other factors beyond our control.

17. I have had a hotel change

If you haven’t travelled yet, please change the name of your hotel through the tab “My Booking” on the top of Wheelso website and only if your hotel is in the same resort. If you are travelling in less than 48 hours please contact us at If this is your departure transfer, and your new hotel is in the same resort please contact us to reconfirm the correct pick-up point for your departure, and reconfirm the time of your collection. If your new hotel is located in a different resort to what you have booked, please make a new booking and cancel your original transfer booking through the tab “My booking” on the top of Wheelso website. Cancellation fees will be applicable if your transfer is within 48 hours.

18. The airline amended my flight

If you haven’t travelled yet, please change the flight schedule through the tab “My Booking” on the top of Wheelso website. If you are travelling in less than 48 hours please contact us at If this is your departure transfer, contact us to reconfirm the correct flight time and time of your collection. You must inform us for amendments on flight times and flight numbers.

19. I missed my flight. Can I still use my departure transfer?

You will have to rebook a one way transfer on Wheelso for your new flight which will be at additional cost. You may be able to use your departure part of your original transfer. Please contact us at with your new booking reference to check if that is possible with the supplier.

20. What do I do if I lose something on the transfer?

Should you forget any of your belongings in a transfer vehicle on arrival or departure, please call the number provided on your booking confirmation or contact us on and we will contact the supplier who operated your transfer to check whether the property has been found. If any expense is incurred in recovering your lost property, this is your responsibility.  
Wheelso cannot be held responsible for items left on the vehicles that cannot be found.

21. How can I cancel my booking? Are there any costs?

Your can cancel your booking 48 hours or more prior to the service with no cancellation fees, if you have booked the service directly from Wheelso. If your booking was made through a travel agent, please contact them. Please note that in the case of ‘No show’ the booking is nonrefundable, as it is if it is cancelled in less than 48 hours. 

22. How do I know what kind of car I will be transferred by?

Models of the vehicles used for transfers vary throughout the suppliers.  A private transfer can be either a taxi, a compact car (like Ford Focus), an intermediate (like a Toyota Corolla) or a standard (like a Skoda Octavia) depending on the vehicle types available with the suppliers. A luxury transfer can be either a Mercedes S Class or E200 or a BMW 520.

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